with over 30 years of professional landscape design experience, we will help you creating the best layout for your garden! 

At M.Z. Landscaping, we thrive on exploring new design ideas to create gardens, which are both distinctive and responsive to the owner’s needs. We emphasize on simple, functional spaces in which the forms, textures, and colours of the garden’s components create a dramatic setting. Before starting the design process, we consult carefully with our client, whether it is the homeowner, architect, or interior designer. We consider:

  • the desired use of space
  • the architectural style of the house
  • the character and ecology of the property
  • the budget and maintenance concerns of the owner

After deciding on a design approach, we examine possible layouts for the garden. Throughout this process, the client is encouraged to comment on our ideas. The resulting drawing details the proposed construction materials and all plant species. Our presentation of the design is accompanied by supporting sketches and an itemized quotation.

Design Fees: Our design fee is determined by the complexity of the project and the property itself. Please contact us for a detailed design proposal. 

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